About Kieku

Kieku – Listening Makes Everything Better

Kieku is a Finnish word and stands for the rooster crows, the sound which wakes you up. Just like the rooster makes you a service in the morning, Kieku provides you with a personal feed of audio to listen to on your commute or daily walk.


The origin of Kieku is the frustration of not finding anything significant to listen while being stuck on the ring road 1 traffic jam in Helsinki (yes, it can happen). Existing services were not convincing and hence we wanted to build a very simple personal radio for ourselves.

We wanted it to be very easy to choose what to listen, to the extend of letting the artificial intelligence help on organizing the playlist when hands are busy with driving or cleaning the house. Furthermore, when I do love something, it needs to be just one click to recommend that story for everyone else.

Finally we wanted Kieku to help producers and listeners to find each others through social connections. Thus everyone can subscribe to follow authors and topics they like. This allows everyone to contribute to the discussion.

Kieku is unique

Kieku.com is designed to help you explore interesting stories and choose what you like the most. Kieku learns and provides you a personalised listening feed for on the go listening. After registration you can follow favorite authors and set the language options.

For a publishers Kieku is an open channel for building a community and interacting with fans. Cloud based solution gives access to details of likes and skips.

Kieku is a personal voice channel with radio-like simplicity. Your feed is powered by social sharing and artificial intelligence. A curious listener can just press the play to listen, or skip for what you don’t like, and easily recommend the best talks for others.

In Kieku each listening stream in unique, including yours. Listening as a cloud service helps to keep own favorites and discover new ones without hassle.

Kieku Labs Oy

Kieku Labs is a media technology company with focus on personalised audio listening stream. We bring talk audio back as an everyday media content with radio like simplicity. 100 years old media is now collaborative. Kieku Labs was founded in Helsinki 2016.

We develop a modern application based channel and service innovation to deliver personalized talk audio feed with the simplicity of the traditional radio. Kieku is a direct personal media for connecting publishers and listeners together. For publishers and broadcast media partners Kieku will offer rich data analytics and content focused consumer insights.