Painting by Jukka Virkkunen

Featured Artists

At Kieku we believe the world is not black and white. We need to see all the shades and colors of life. Embrace the diversity that makes us human. We believe that exposing oneself to new thoughts and ideas builds understanding among us – something that is deeply needed. Kieku is made for your ears, but we did not want to forget the visual side of life, so we will be presenting featured artists not in our web service and apps.

Our first artist is Jukka Virkkunen, a hardware salesman turned painter. When we saw Jukka’s work, we were blown away: this is the kind of energy that we feel everybody needs in their lives.

Listen to Jukka’s story “Rautakaupan maalari” in Kieku’s Hyppääjät series (in finnish)

Learn more about Jukka Virkkunen’s work