Industry facts

Broadcast radio and media industry around the voice has been on change process since the launch of the mp3 players and most notably iPod in Nov 2001. Term podcast was coined from broadcast and iPod by BBC journalist Ben Hammersley in 2004. There after “portable on-demand” voice distribution has evolved continuously. First services were started soon after and second wave of the podcast services were launched in years 2009-2011.

Most of the early podcast services are content libraries and directories as the consumption has been largely based on content download. More recently mobile internet bandwidth and capacity of smart phones has increased and hence the listening is increasingly on the mobile and on-demand.

Key facts:

1) Podcast revenue is increasing to 500M by 2020
2) Trend is increasing but not in the mainstream yet
3) Activity and amount of good content grows quickly
4) Radio listening is decreasing especially among the podcast listeners
5) New distribution channels accelerate the new form of storytelling