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Just press play – Listening makes everything better

Listening makes everything better. It can be true for listening on your daily commute. Sometimes it is about understanding the World, especially if you wish to change it!

My listening feed in unique and so is yours. But can we learn from each others? I believe we can.

We wanted it to be very easy to choose what to listen, to the extend of letting the artificial intelligence help on organizing the playlist when hands are busy with driving or cleaning the house. Furthermore, when I do love something, it needs to be just one click to recommend that story for everyone else.
Even more so, I think we can help each others by clipping the best moments of the most meaningful talks. This helps all of us to find the most interesting talks for us, without listening through all of them. That would be impossible anyway as there are always too many good things to listen!

Finally we’d like to help audio publishers and listeners to find each others through social connections. That’s why we feel everyone need to have the right to follow and support the authors and topics they like the most. With this we invite everyone to contribute to the discussions. Step by step we improve Kieku to help you creating your own podcast with an easy and non-technical workflow!

So, Kieku application is designed as a personal play button. Listen and share what you like, skip what you don’t like. Everyone has a personally selected feed produced by machine intelligence.

You are most welcome to explore kieku.com to find recommendations based on what you like! Looking forward to hear from you!

Just press play!

*Ps. For publishers out there, Kieku is an easy to use automated audio-publishing platform, mobile journalism, or full text-to-speech automation. Check contacts for pilots!

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