Learn Fast about Startups

A mental image of a startup business usually portrays a risk taking company where a product is being developed with haste, growth is measured in small achievements and company decisions are made spontaneously.

However, countless people dive into the seemingly bountiful world of startup passionately, with a decisive sentiment of no turning back. What is this world about and why does it fascinate so many people?

We at Kieku have selected couple of very inspiring and educational podcast to learn fast about startups. If you have a startup of your own or you just want to top up your knowledge – these ones are for you!

1.You’re Out of Business- CaryVee. Get hooked with Cary. Cary Vaynerchuk is a startup legenda who has strong and motivational way to spread the word. Listen more.

“When people start their pitches to me by saying “But first, please sign this NDA so our ideas don’t get stolen”, I immediately check out. Why? Because if you actually think that is your your idea so profound and nobody has ever thought of it, then you are lost in the reality of the marketplace. If that is your mindset, I don’t see that as a winning mindset. Starting now, the days of patenting ideas, IP being stolen, are gone. Every idea has been thought of. All of them. I mean it. Now, people actually executing on those ideas? That is the big one now. You need to have the right resources, be in the right place in your career, have energy, skills, opportunities: those are the variables. Not the ideas.”


2.Google/Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt in Innovation = Managed Chaos.  Master of scale’s episode Innovation = Managed chaos tells the story how “big startups” are keeping it together. Motivation and help at work is critical.

“Google has succeeded by innovating again and again. Not just search, but Gmail and Google Docs and even self-driving cars. Their secret? They don’t tell their employees how to innovate; they manage the chaos. Eric Schmidt—CEO of Google since 2001 and now Chairman of parent company Alphabet—shares the controversial management techniques he created to cultivate an environment of free-flowing ideas plus disciplined decision making that lead to breakthrough ideas. He reveals the hidden secret in Google’s famous “20% time” policy, their approach to hiring smart creatives, and the parallels between leading Google and piloting small airplanes. Plus, his “roommate” at Google, and the decision he made to support a crazy idea that he was certain would bankrupt the company.”


3.We study billionaires dives deep into the startup world’s Mekka,  Silicon Valley. How much skill and luck is behind the success of Uber and Airbnb. Why investors are currently paying close to $70B to own a company that loses $4B a year.

We are very excited to talk to the New York Times bestselling author, Brad Stone. In Brad’s new book, Upstarts, he talks about how companies like Uber, Airbnb, and other killer companies of Silicon Valley are changing the way the world works. In this episode, you’ll learn: • How much skill and luck is behind the success of Uber and Airbnb • Why investors are currently paying close to $70B to own a company that loses $4B a year • Why the next generation of successful companies in Silicon Valley will master Artificial Intelligence • How and why Brad Stone’s previous book got a 1-star review from Jeff Bezos’ wife”

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