How Long and How Often Should You Podcast?

Choosing your podcasting frequency is very dependent upon your content and topic. For example if in your show you talk about a weekly happening sport event, then it’s probably the best that you should have a weekly podcast. It can be smart also to consider a different frequency, maybe two podcast a week? In sport event case it can be an initial-reactions episode immediately sport event airs, and then a later, more thought-out episode with feedback and maybe comments from media and fans.

Your topic matters. You want to be among the first to talk about for example the latest tech news or stock market. Then maybe you should go daily or every second day at least. Tech and financial news are “podcasted” in regular media actually once or even twice a day ( sometimes even more often), because their information depends on what happens overnight before the business day, as well as what happens within the business day.

Some podcasts are made every biweekly, while others are even monthly. In this category fits topics like science and nature news.

  *Tips: First determine how timely your content must be, and then set a schedule and try to stick with it. A weekly format seems the most popular and easiest to hold with consistency especially when you are new in podcast scene. We courage you to first pick your frequency, then your can choose your optimal episode length.


And, how long should each podcast episode be then?


The length of each episode greatly depends on your frequency. We at Kieku have heard from many listeners and podcasters what seems to work among the most popular podcasts. This chart is based on what we at Kieku recommend.


Podcast frequency – Episode length:

  • 1-3 per day 1–5 minutes
  • Daily 1–15 minutes
  • Weekly 15–30 minutes ( Ted talk length is approx 20 min)
  • Biweekly 30-60 minutes
  • Monthly 60–90 minutes


As you can see, we highly recommend podcasting no longer than one hour (60 minutes). The sweet spot seems to be 15–45 minutes. It’s short enough that many can probably listen during their commute (either one-way or round-trip).

However long you decide to make your episodes, have a good reason! Don’t let yourself ramble on for two hours in one episode if you regularly release half-hour episodes. Break things up and your listeners will be happy 🙂

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