Press release: Personalised audio listening

Kieku – the new personalised audio listening stream

HELSINKI (23 May 2017 8:30 AM EET)

Kieku Labs, a Finnish independent media startup, today launched a new kind of audio listening service. Kieku’s key content aims to feed your mind with topics revolving around entrepreneurship and society, wellbeing and real-life stories.

Based on machine learning, an algorithm generates a custom-made feed just for you, taking into account the types of content you listen to and the ones you skip. The beta service is available on and initially as an iOS app in the Nordics and Estonia.

Imagine being stuck in traffic – radio plays content that is not able to serve individual needs, and podcast players are tricky to use on the go. This is the problem that we had: Finding meaningful audio is time consuming and too complicated”, said Founder and CEO Sampsa Fabritius from Kieku Labs.

The easy to use iOS user-interface learns your taste and generates a personalised feed for on the go listening. The app will offer personalised audio content – just press play and start listening and if you like, you can just skip to the next piece of content. The web-site is designed to help you explore interesting stories and choose your favorite content.

Kieku’s aims to make listening more social by introducing features that will support social listening through peer recommendation.

We believe Kieku is a much needed new way to share and listen to audio content you like. You can follow your favourite authors or listen to what Kieku’s AI selects for you”, says Juho Pennanen,  Data Scientist from Kieku Labs Oy.

Kieku’s colourful and edgy user-interface is designed to stand out while reflecting the content it will be streaming. The service is open to anyone wanting to share their stories with the world: uploading content for sharing takes place with the push of a button.

Good stories have always been an important part of everyday life, and will continue to be in the future. Kieku’s mission is to bring talk audio back as everyday media content with radio like simplicity. A century-old media is now collaborative.




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Sampsa Fabritius, CEO
+358 50 354 6953


About Kieku:

Kieku Labs is a media technology company with focus on personalised audio listening stream. We bring talk audio back as an everyday media content with radio like simplicity. 100 years old media is now collaborative. Kieku Labs was founded in Helsinki 2016.