Why to start podcasting?



Podcasting is a powerful tool to get your voice heard. Are you a business owner or are you in a band? Do you have opinions that need to be heard? With podcasting, you can create your own talk show and promote your business/service.

Edison research report on podcast statistics (year 2017) taken from podcast audience in America showed a growth of 40 percent in two years of time. That is a huge growth but in the same statistics, there was an odd fact, which showed that out of all the adult podcast listeners in America, only half of that population listened to podcasts regularly, the other half didn’t follow any podcast on a regular basis.

Although there are a number of speculations and assumptions taken out from this data, a general conclusion can simply be that even though people want to listen to podcasts, perhaps they cannot find what exactly they are looking for or their needs are not met with the variety of the shows available.
Since podcast listening is topic focused where a listener decides to listen to the particular topic, podcast developers, to keep the listeners satisfied are integrating different methods of making podcast searching easier and user friendly to the public.

Here are some of the basic facts about podcasting that is overlooked and underrated in regard to the effectiveness of this platform.

Setting up your podcasting station doesn’t cost a lot.
Chances are, you already own the equipment needed for podcasting. All you need is a microphone, a computer and Internet. What you really need is something to say and an eagerness to share it.

Gain a focused audience.
Unlike radio, when someone downloads or streams your podcast, they intend to listen to this specific information. It is the quality of your content and the ability to deliver it in your own way is what gets you the attention of listeners.

The magic of human connection works in your favor.
When you hear a podcast, you can listen to the emotion of the speaker. Human voice connects people in ways written words cannot. Basically, after listening to someone speak, you feel like you get to know him/her. This works great for people who really need to reach out to their audience for a more personal connection.

Besides all that, podcasting is fun! That should always be an incentive to start your own podcast. The benefits and monetary payout makes a lot of sense but If you enjoy podcasting for the sheer fun of it, your audience hears it too in your voice. Of all the activities that fill your calendar throughout the week, recording a podcast episode could also be one.


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